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    Annual bluegrass Putting Turf Fertility Study
    (first of 2-year)

    Tom Cook, Oregon St. Univ. Objectives: To examine several different fertility programs on a relatively new sand based green established in 2004 from aerifier cores from a golf course near Corvallis, OR. The fertility variables will include increasing rates of sulfur with and without additions of lime. We will also look at other additives such as humates that are often touted as having positive impacts on grass vigor and rooting. The trial will evaluate turf performance at medium and low levels of nitrogen. Plots will be rated regularly for turf quality, Fusarium patch activity, Anthracnose activity, soil pH, and other qualities that may develop over time. Fungicides will not be used unless damage threatens survival of individual plots. NTA Project
    Total yearly value: $6,300 CDN ($5,000 US);
    WCTA $6,300 CDN ($5,000 US)

    2004 Shade and Wear Effects on Alternative Grasses for Sports Field Mixes
    (first of 2-year)

    Matt Johns, Gwen Stahnke, and Eric Miltner, WSU-Puyallup. Objectives: this study is to evaluate Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial, annual and intermediate ryegrasses alone and in mixtures. Turf has been established in native Puyallup sandy-loam soil and on a simulated sand-based sports field (8-12" depth of sand). One area of the sports field will be under a shade structure. NTA project
    Total yearly value: $42,500 CDN ($34,000 US);
    WCTA $6,300 CDN ($5,000 US)

    Creeping Bentgrass Variety Trial at Multiple Locations
    (4th of 4 years)

    David Davidson, Kwantlen University College. Objectives: to test creeping bentgrasses from each of the BC seed companies at KUC and 2 other sites.
    Total yearly value: $8,000;
    WCTA: $4,000

    Evapotranspiration (ET) information on-line:
    (4th year of multi year partnership agreement)

    Objectives: The Farmwest web site provides ET information, both current and historic, for 42 locations in irrigated areas around BC. The climate information is gathered from existing Environment Canada (EC) climate stations that are able to automatically give us daily climate information. The site will also contain links to information on how to use ET data and other irrigation management advice.
    Total yearly value: $3,000;
    WCTA: $500

    Developing a Web-Based Irrigation Scheduling Calculator Ted Van der Gulik, BCMAL
    (1 year)

    Project with the IIABC to enhance the irrigation web site. Developing a web based agriculture irrigation scheduling calculator and irrigation assessment worksheets that can be used by environmental Turfgrass professionals and other agricultural irrigation managers. The calculator will be: located on the IIABC website, "real time" data can be entered into the calculator to develop an accurate irrigation schedule that reflects the current weather, and patterned after the landscape calculator that is already operating on
    Total yearly value: $44,000;
    WCTA: $3,000

    Evaluation of Various Natural Control Products for Broadleaf and Grass Weeds in Turfgrass
    (1st of 2 years, continuation for more necessary data from the previous 2-year project)

    Jim Ross, Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre. Objective: To evaluate various natural control products under Western Canada conditions for the control of broadleaf and grass weeds for home lawns, school grounds, golf courses, and municipal Parks. Materials to be tested: corn gluten meal, soybean meal, sugar beet extract, and mustard meal. This research project is jointly funded by the cities of: Regina, Calgary, Penticton & Kelowna, and the Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation. (from Turf Industry Dev. Fund)
    Total yearly value: $32,000;
    WCTA: $4,000

    Partner funding to the Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation. The WCTA is one of the regional contributing partners for the national projects.
    Total yearly value: $75,000;
    WCTA $5,000

    Printing and distribution of the new Irrigation section for the IPM for Turfgrass Managers binder.
    Total yearly value: $3,200;
    WCTA $3,200

    Printing and distribution of the new Recommendations Supplement section for the IPM for Turfgrass Managers binder.
    Total yearly value: $1,000;
    WCTA $1,000

    Total Value: $215,000 CDN
    2005 WCTA Funding: approx $33,300 CDN

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