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    Architectural Approaches for Biological Filtration of Nutrients in Golf Course Runoff Water
    (3rd of 3 years)

    Eric Miltner, Gwen Stahanke, William Johnston and Geoffrey Rinehart, Washington State University Objective: To monitor the effectiveness of biological filtration techniques that were intentionally incorporated into the design and construction of a golf course. Nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in soil solution and surface water will be monitored in different topographical locations. This research project is jointly funded by the Northwest Turfgrass Assn., Western Washington GCSA & USGA Green Section
    Total yearly value: $23,000 US ($34,500 CDN);
    WCTA $6,400 CDN ($5,000 US).

    Creeping Bentgrass Variety Trial at Multiple Locations (4th of 4 years)
    David Davidson, Kwantlen University College. Objectives: to test creeping bentgrasses from each of the BC seed companies at KUC and 2 other sites.
    Total yearly value: $8,000;
    WCTA: $4,000

    Evapotranspiration (ET) information on-line:
    (3rd year of multi year partnership agreement)

    Objectives: The Farmwest web site provides ET information, both current and historic, for 42 locations in irrigated areas around BC. The climate information is gathered from existing Environment Canada (EC) climate stations that are able to automatically give us daily climate information. The site will also contain links to information on how to use ET data and other irrigation management advice.
    Total yearly value: $3,000;
    WCTA: $500

    Evaluation of Various Natural Control Products for Broadleaf and Grass Weeds in Turfgrass
    (2nd of 2 years).

    Jim Ross, Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre. Objective: To evaluate various natural control products under Western Canada conditions for the control of broadleaf and grass weeds for home lawns, school grounds, golf courses, and municipal Parks. Materials to be tested: corn gluten meal, soybean meal, sugar beet extract, and mustard meal. This research project is jointly funded by the citys of: Regina, Calgary, Penticton & Kelowna, and the Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation. (from Turf Industry Dev. Fund)
    Total yearly value: $32,000;
    WCTA: $8,000

    Partner funding to the Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation.
    The WCTA is one of the regional contributing partners for the national projects.
    Total yearly value: $75,000;
    WCTA $5,000

    Evaluation of a Plant Growth Regulator on Cold Hardiness in Annual Bluegrass Greens:
    (1 year) Jim Ross, PTRC. Objectives: to determine whether Primo MAXX will increase cold hardiness levels in the fall; to determine whether Primo MAXX will delay loss of hardiness in the spring; to evaluate the turfgrass for winter injury in the spring; to evaluate spring green-up of the turf.
    Total yearly value: $12,000;
    WCTA $6,000

    Non-chemical methods for control of European Chafer (Rhizotrogus majalis) (1 year ) - ES Cropconsult
    Objectives: to test a number of non-chemical products for control of first and second instar European Chafer larvae in a controlled, replicated study; to "field" test the two most successful treatments from the 2003 preliminary trial, on a group of residential lawns with Chafer damage; and to prepare recommendations for lawn owners and turf managers on controlling Chafer with non-chemical means
    Total yearly value: $36,800;
    WCTA $6,000

    Reprinting updated European chafer brochure - WCTA/CLNA
    Total yearly value: $1,000;
    WCTA $500

    Total Value: $36,400 CDN
    2004 WCTA Funding: $201,800 CDN

    Elizabeth Hudgins, Chair
    Brad Ackermen
    David Davidson
    Dr. Michelle Gorman
    Dr. Brian Holl
    Julie McCarthy
    Jim Plasteras
    Bob Wick
    David Woodsky

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