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June/July 2008
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College                  (Global Incident Map)

When you click on the website link above, a world map comes up showing what strange and dangerous things are happening right now in every country in the entire world.  It is updated every few minutes.  You can move the map around, zero in on any on area and actually up-load the story of what is going on.  This 'map' updates every 300 seconds . . . constantly 24/7. (Green IT) (Tree Canada)  (CSA Climate Change) (EcoNeutral)

The four websites above deal with some aspect of becoming GREENER, and reducing our carbon footprint on the earth.  Green IT is a site devoted to how the high tech industry is becoming greener.  Tree Canada and EcoNeutral feature carbon emissions calculators and offer you the opportunity (for money of course) to create urban forests or restore damaged ecosystems by planting trees.  You can take carbon neutral holidays and drive a carbon neutral vehicle by planting trees.  The CSA site details all of the internationally accepted standards (ISO 14064) with regards to GHG emission monitoring and reduction.

(Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database)

Have you ever wondered about the safety of some the most commonly used products in our daily world?  Well this site rates thousands of products based on their ingredients and the hazards they present to us.  The site is extensive covering makeup, deodorant, baby products and fragrances.  You may just be shocked . . .  We looked up our son’s baby lotion and it came with all kinds of warnings and was rated poorly.  The site referred us to the products label, which clearly stated, “Keep out of reach of Children”.  Well if it can transfer to baby’s hands then it is going to end up in baby’s mouth at some point.   (Reaction Time Test)

Let's see how fast you are . . .  Getting old, are we?  Reflexes slowing down?  As I remember, the automobile driving manual says the average driver's reaction time is 0.75 seconds (or one car length for every 10 mph).  Test your reaction time with this special test.

What's the method to your Sudoku madness?  Strategies for solving these number-placing brain-teasers can be complex, but here is a tip: Do the puzzles in Sudoklue.  This clever freebie analyzes puzzles and provides cell-by-cell solution instructions, setting you on the path to Sudoku mastery.  SudoKlue generates random puzzles or lets you input your own.  Use the pencil tool to mark the possibilities, then the pen tool when you're sure you know the solution.  SudoKlue can give hints, find errors, and solve individual cells for you.  Links to the SudoKlue Web site explain the different puzzle-solving techniques.  The free SudoKlue is a demo of the $20 SudoKlue Pro.  You can play only the easiest of the six difficulty levels as clicking higher-challenge selections pops up a nag screen.  This keeps you from practicing or receiving hints about most of the techniques, since only beginner hints appear at the beginner level.  However, even the basic SudoKlue sharpens your wits without making you sharpen a pencil. (Easy Capture)

EasyCapture lets you capture screen images in a variety of sizes and formats.  This free program adds a few nifty extra functions, too.  To nab a screen with EasyCapture, you select the desired area type (full screen, region, window, and so on), move your cursor to select the area, and click.  Thanks to a tabbed interface, you can take several screen shots in short order and deal with each at your leisure.  A smattering of graphics tools lets you perform simple tasks such as adjusting brightness and contrast; converting to greyscale; and adding text and simple included graphics such as lines, arrows, and word balloons. You can save your work as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, and TIFF files.


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