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February/March 2008
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/opp4045?opendocument#3 (Regional Woody Plant Test Project)

The Regional Woody Plant Test Project has been evaluating woody plants for hardiness and landscape quality in Alberta since 1983.  The program evaluates new cultivars of woody plant material in a variety of Alberta locations.  The evaluations are arranged in families by genus and then by species.  The data is presented in simple tabular form, giving the time period, location and rating of each trial.  The trial material has been primarily produced in North America. (Turfgrass Trends)

Turfgrass Trends is the online home of the print journal of the same name.  There are oodles of turfgrass research information available free without a subscription.  Of course with the subscription you will have access to everything they publish.  The site is well laid out.  There are easy to follow links to current topics of interest, specific subject areas and authors. (Falling Sand Game)

Do you have endless time on your hands?  Well here is the game for you.  This game never ends and has no fruitful outcome.  Sand, water, salt and oil are falling as in an hourglass and all you have to do is stop them, with the tools you have at hand.  The site has variations of the above game, which is also known as the ‘Sands of Hell’. (101 Amazing Earth Facts)

This is a neat little site.  It is full of the answers to the most basic questions about planet earth. (The 100 Best Websites)

This site lists what the compilers consider to be the 100 best websites on the net.  You may be surprised at the sites that make the list.  Of course we all will not agree with all of the choices. (The Internet Movie Database)

It all starts with an innocuous question.  Say, "What was that movie that the new guy playing James Bond was in?"  But once you've rediscovered Layer Cake, you're clicking through to co-star Sienna Miller, and remembering that she's Jude Law's ex and learning about his upcoming films for the next two years, and who he's starring with . . . And so it goes.  This is a great site for movie info, no doubt about it. (The All Music Guide)

When you burn out on movies, head over to The All Music Guide which offers similar data for all things audio. (1980’s Arcade Games)

This website has the best arcarde games from the 1980’s.  Each game takes a few minutes to load, but they are amazingly close to the real thing.  Best of all, no tokens required!  My personal favourite is Galaga. (Patently Silly)

Every day, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office grants patents for some pretty oddball ideas and inventions.  And every day, Patently Silly gives us a humorous take on the best of them.  Yes, they're all real patents.  Check out the weed cutting golf club.



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