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June/July 2006
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College

(NAIT Pesticide Continuing Education Credits)

NAIT is currently offering webcast short courses (1-hour tutorials) in a variety of subject areas towards Pesticide Applicators Recertification Credits.  The courses are delivered by Tim Garner using Macromedia Breeze software.  Simply log onto the above website and follow the directions for registering.  If you attended NAIT in the past then your student ID will work.  If you attended Fairview College prior to the association with NAIT then you will have to register as a new student (your old ID simply will not work).  If it is the first time that you are trying to take one of the tutorials then you may need to call Jolene or the registrar in Fairview.  Your account needs to be activated or you will not be able to pay with your credit card online.  Once your account is activated however, you can easily register and pay for the courses.  Prior to the start of the class you will receive an email with a link to the online broadcast.

(A & L Canada Laboratories Inc.)

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. was formed in 1985 with the merger of Croptech Laboratories.  The new corporation is a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of A&L Laboratories which consists of eight analytical laboratories regionally located throughout North America.  For over 30 years A&L has provided reliable, comprehensive, effective services for analytical testing.  This company provides testing services for soil, plant, water, feed, manure, compost, fertilizer, microbiology, plant and soil diagnostics, and turfgrass diagnostics.  There is a lot of good information on their services as well as reference material on soil and tissue sampling, soil test interpretation, and pesticide residue analysis.  As well, there is a section on GPS and they offer a substantial list of technical bulletins on boron, micronutrients, soil pH, calcium, water testing, understanding soil tests, possible causes of nutrient deficiency systems, and many more.  This is a great site with some terrific information that you can probably put to use right away. (Radio Meteors)

Where else on this earth would you expect to find something this crazy that actually works, but in Roswell, NM.  You can listen online to radio echoes of meteors as they travel through the atmosphere on their way to an earthly collision.  It is all made possible by radio waves being echoed by the meteors as they travel through the atmosphere.

(The World Factbook)

Since 1971 the CIA has published an unclassified version of its world factbook.  They have now made it available on the internet.  It is a wonderful informational resource.  It is very interesting matter-of-fact reading.  They have information on every country and even lump us all together and analyze as ‘the world’.  In one section they lump Canada together with all of the other nations experiencing regional separatist movements.  From this page you can follow a link back to the main CIA homepage.  Of course there is more information here than you may ever care to read. (Dawn Industries)

This is cool stuff.  Dawn Industries are the makers of the Kwik® line of products.  They sell nine products under the Kwik® moniker, to address specialty needs in the irrigation market.  For each product there is a PDF brochure and a video of the product being utilised in an appropriate application. (Sonification of Satellite Data)

Two researchers at the University of Lethbridge have developed a method of interpreting satellite imagery with sound.  Each geographical feature in the image is assigned note, tempo or musical attribute.  In the crafting of the musical pieces, values like the transect coordinates and the spectral bands from the satellite imagery were used to drive different sonic parameters. The end result was designed to not only present the data, but to convey a sense of place through sound.   The website features a description of the process, samples of the music and even videos.


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