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February/March 2006
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College  (John Deere)  (Toro)  (Jacobsen)

This month we feature the websites of the three major golf course turf care equipment manufacturers.  Over the years since their development they have added many features.  Most notably they now all have their parts catalogues available online, along with technical articles and service bulletins.  The sites all have the same basic features displaying their equipment, accessories, and where to buy (dealer locators).  One interesting thing that is also included now, is the option to purchase pre-owned equipment and to purchase equipment online.  Each manufacturer also makes it easy to get to pages within their sites that offer related equipment whether it is carts, skid steers, or utility equipment. 

(NAIT – Golf Course Turf Management) 

(NAIT – Turfgrass Equipment Technician)

It’s that time of year again.  Check out the newly revamped Turfgrass educational programs (Golf Course Turfgrass Management Technology and Turfgrass Equipment Technician) offered at the Fairview Campus of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology – NAIT.  (D.W. Quail Golf)

Shop online at this wonderful little site devoted to unique and different golf accessories.  Their speciality is everything golf.  If you are looking for one item, chances are you’ll find dozens: from videos, to training aids, to apparel and gifts.  If nothing else you can get your fill of ideas.  (Sudoku)

If you know nothing of the latest craze in puzzle games, check out this site on Sudoku.  Even though it is all about numbers, there is no math involved.  It is a wonderfully simple game, with one rule, that challenges your ability to use logic and reason.  The difficulty level ranges from easy to extreme.  Perform a Google search and you will be able to find online free versions of the game to get a taste of the fun. 

(Canadian Curling Association)

Those of you that know me, know that I am passionate about Canada’s second favourite sport . . . curling.  I have curled competitively over the years and I am a Level III Ice Technician with Curl Canada.  The curling season is now well upon us and the CCA’s website has a wealth of information dealing with the sport of curling.  There is a section on Learning to Curl that deals with youth, junior, school, and adult curling and talks about coaching of the sport.  There is another one called Fan Central that has all the draw schedules and news for all the big events coming up – the Tim Horton’s Brier, the Scott Tournament of Hearts, the Karcher Juniors, the Ford Worlds, and of course the Olympics in Torino, Italy is just around the corner.  If you happen to sit on a board of directors for your local curling club, there is a section on the Business of Curling that has bits on Best Practices and Industry Contacts and they even tell you how to apply for grants and loans that are available for your club.  There is also a section called About the CCA if you wanted to learn more about how the organization is set up and operates.  One thing about this website as well is that there is a pile of pictures from various events that have taken place. 

(Paper Throw Game)

While you are wiling away the winter season, you may have the occasion to throw some paper into the wastebasket.  So, here is a good computer version of this past time.  Good for a laugh.  Not sure why the wind in the office seems to be changing direction all the time.


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