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December 2006/January 2007
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College (Flight Aware)

This website tracks flights that are currently airborne over North America.  The data is skewed to the United States but they do show flights originating and terminating within Canada.  They do not guarantee the information that originates outside the Untied States.  You can browse by aircraft type, airport, airline, current and past flights.  In the stats section data is presented in graphical or in animated formats.  This is another of those truly remarkable websites that make you say WOW. (Seedland)

Are you looking to buy some lawn seed??  Seedland has everything from creeping Bentgrass to native grasses to warm season grasses.  They present the features and benefits of each cultivar.  And of course they take all the major credit cards. (Landscape Irrigation Tutorial)

Do you know someone that is thinking about putting in there own irrigation system?  This is an interesting easy to follow step-by-step description of the installation process.  Of course it still may be easier to hire a professional, but at least the customer will be informed and can ask the right questions. (ESB Calculators)

ESB Calculators provides fully functional calculators for your computer.  They specialize in specialized scientific applications.  The specialized products are for sale, but they have some simpler calculators and conversion calculators available for free as shareware.

(World Clock)

The statistics provided on this website are approximations based on figures from the World Health Organization, CIA Factbook, US Census Bureau, and other sources.  So even though this data is obviously not 100% accurate, it sure is interesting to observe for the year, month, week, day, or start now.  Just watch our world population growth for a few minutes. (Construction Equipment)

This website will provide you with details, specifications, dealers, and comparisons for any type of construction equipment that you might need.  Whether it’s earthmoving, concrete placement, paving, compaction, trucking and hauling, underground equipment, demolition, forestry, maintenance and repair, construction materials and supplies, safety and security, or construction technology, this site has it all.  They have archived their magazine as well so that you can look up any article they have written.  If you are looking to purchase or rent any kind of equipment for a construction project, you need to look at this site. (Google Map Directions)

1. Go to   2. Click on 'Get directions'   3. Type a town’s name in the first box (the 'from' box)   4. Type another town’s name in the second box (the 'to' box)   5. Hit the enter key.  This is a great tool for getting directions to just about anywhere.  It even tells you the total mileage and approximate driving time.  If you need a city map, just type in the city’s name in the ‘Search the map’ box and zoom in as close as you need to determine streets and avenues.  Then when you have what you need, send it to the printer.  If you want to see the satellite image, just click on the ‘Satellite’ box and you can zoom right in to almost see in the guy’s back yard.  Pretty cool website.



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