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August/September 2006
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College  (E-Flora BC)

This is a wonderful website devoted to the flora of British Columbia.  The site is a non-profit public conservation and education project aimed at providing free, accessible, comprehensive botanical information on the diverse flora of British Columbia via the Internet.  It exists because of dedicated volunteers and as such they need donations to keep the project expanding.  It is literally stuffed full of information about native plants of BC.  From the main page you can select information about the plant groups, plant identification, and an image gallery.  There is also a section devoted to invasive plants.  In each subtopic there is abundant additional information available as links to related sites.  (Weeds BC)

This is an excellent resource for identifying and managing weeds.  There are 80 profiles on weeds found in BC.  Along with each brief description, there is a link to download the PDF pages from the “Guide to Weeds in BC”.  The guide provides detailed information on distribution, identification, management and impact. 

(Wash. State Noxious Weed Control Board)  (BC Invasive Plant Alert) 

(Invasive Plant Council of BC) 

(Alberta Invasive Plants Council)

(Invasive Plants Species Workshop)

The list of above websites all deal with the problem of introduced plants.  Often these plants have no control mechanisms in the area where they are introduced and quickly take over a landscape or whole ecosystem.  They are all excellent resources full of information on identification, control and eradication efforts.  They highlight the continued efforts needed to prevent new species from being introduced.  Unfortunately they also highlight the latest threatening species that may have been introduced to an area.

(Heritage Tree Foundation)

(Big Trees of BC) (Alberta Trees of Renown)

All of the above websites are devoted to locating and cataloguing trees with special attributes.  Whether it be age, size, historical significance or some other unique characteristic any tree can be nominated for the special status.  Most of the provinces have similar projects initiated.  Visit the following link for more provincial projects [].  With the assignment of the designation it is hoped the tree will be protected for future generations to enjoy.  The information will either be available online or published in the future as it is amassed.  (Guide to Crop Protection)

This site provides an online copy of the Saskatchewan Crop Protection Guide.  Similar to the Alberta Blue Book, it has all sorts of great information on applying pesticides, label info, pesticide chemistry, and so forth.

(Composting Guide)

Compost is one of nature's best mulches and soil amendments and this website will tell you all you need to know about the science of composting.  It talks about different techniques, composting different materials, troubleshooting if your compost is having trouble, and a bonus section on 50 organic gardening tips.  All in all, a pretty informative site on composting.


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