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June/July 2005
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College

(Environment Canada)

(The Weather Network) (The Weather Channel) (National Weather Service)

With the golf season upon us, once again we will profile the weather related resources on the internet.  The websites listed above are Environment Canada, The Weather Network, The Weather Channel (US) and the National Weather Service (US).  All of the websites offer the same basic packages of weather information, with specialty reports designed for golfing and gardening etc.  The two American websites are so bold to offer ten-day weather forecasts.  To find your local forecast on the Weather Channel site follow the links to “travel” and the “vacation planner”.  The sites also offer convenient ways to receive the forecast from e-mail to text messaging on your cell phone. (Irrigation and Green Industry)

Irrigation and Green Industry is the official publication of the Irrigation Association.  It is in an e-zine format with much to offer from the website.  The main page profiles the current issue of the magazine and its articles.  At the bottom of the main page are links to additional useful information.  Landscaping and Irrigation are two choices.  Within each the articles are subcategorized.  Under “irrigation” some categories are “controllers, valves, technology, maintenance” and a “comparison chart” section.  Here different manufacturer’s products are compared with each other.  The website is translatable into five different languages. (TURFconnect)

TURFconnect is a website that is designed to appeal to golf course superintendents.  The site is member-based and offers free membership.  There is an interactive forum where you can post questions and reply to others problems.  Currently there are unit conversion and turfgrass fertilizer requirement and spray calculators.  They plan to add further functionality in the future.  The site has potential to be a useful tool for golf course superintendents and turfgrass professionals.

(Nu-Gro Professional Turf Products)

Nu-Gro has recently launched a website that provides the turfgrass professional with resources such as specification and MSDS sheets for their numerous slow release fertilizer blends.  The site also features educational information in the “Tutorials” section such as a detailed glossary of fertilizer terms and a thorough article on essential plant nutrients and their role in plant health.  And they have a listing of links to industry associations, academic institutions, resources, and turf publications.

(M.K. Rittenhouse & Sons Ltd.)

Over the past year, Rittenhouse has developed a new state-of-the-art E-Commerce website in celebration of 91 years of business.  Building on its first E-Commerce website launched in 1999, website popularity has grown to over 1.7 million visitors annually, completing thousands of sales worldwide.  With over 11,000 products and parts, Rittenhouse has emerged as one of North America’s largest horticultural E-commerce websites.  The newly upgraded site now has the ability to save orders for later, easily reorder the same product, respond to e-emails better, and has a greatly improved search mechanism.

We would like to focus on the mechanics side of the turf industry for the next issue.  So pass this request on to your turfgrass equipment technicians.  If they know of any good websites that they would be willing to share with others, please email Dave at or Jeff at

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