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August/September 2005
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College 

(Simrit Radial Shaft Seal Catalogue)

The data presented here is to provide a guideline for selection of a standard seal for a general-purpose application.  The user needs to be aware that many seal design configurations exist to meet specific requirements.  Deviation from the standard limitations provided here should be considered as an indication to explore the possibility of using alternative designs.  This site has sections on the Seal Selection Process, Seal Nomenclature, Dimensioning a Seal, Seal Installation Procedures, Installation Training, Fluid Compatibility, Seal Theory, Surface Condition, Shaft / Housing / Bore Recommendations, Operating Conditions, Failure Analysis, Images of Failures, and Material Properties.  Simrit has put an incredible amount of information into this website.  Well worth looking at.  (SKF Bearing and Seals)

The SKF Group is the leading global supplier of products, customer solutions, and services in the business of rolling bearings and seals.  This area of their website is good for finding a seal.  The numbers are for CR and SKF and they will work at NAPA.  These online catalogues include passenger/light truck applications, seal interchange/cross reference, and bearing interchange/cross reference. 

(Madsen’s Shop & Supply Inc.)

Carburetor adjustment is critical on chain saws and other two-cycle engines.  An adjustment that is too rich will cause a saw to smoke, have insufficient power, and may damage the engine.  An adjustment that is too lean will also produce insufficient power and is more likely to damage the engine.  Proper carburetor adjustment will allow the saw to produce maximum power, produce minimal smoke, run and idle smoothly, and give trouble free service.  This site tells you how to tune a carburetor complete with sound files.  (Tillotson Ltd.)

Tillotson is a premier manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket carburetors, throttle bodies and related fuel systems components providing the data tools and expertise required to optimise your products performance.  Tillotson produces carburetors for the small engine market.  Applications include anything from chainsaws and trimmers to outboard motors.  If you are looking for rebuild kit numbers and troubleshooting, this is a good website to refer to.  (Zama Carburetors)

Zama is the world’s largest manufacturer of diaphragm carburetors.  Over 90,000,000 produced to date.  Annual production exceeds 10,500,000 carburetors.  Maximum capacity is 55,000 per day.  This website has a section on service tips.  They also have technical guides for Systems and Operation, Troubleshooting Diaphragm Carburetors, Cube Carburetor Disassembly & Service, RB Rotary Carburetor Operation & Service, and Servicing Simple Start Carburetors.  They also have downloads for Quick Kit Cross Reference, Applications Cross-Reference, and Zama to Walbro Cross-Reference.  This is a good site of one of the more common manufacturers with excellent troubleshooting, theory of operation, and rebuild kit guides.  (Walbro Engine Management)

Walbro Engine Management was established over fifty years ago as a manufacturer of carburetors for the small engine industry.  Today, Walbro is a technology leader providing a wide range of components and systems to the outdoor power equipment, industrial, marine, recreational and two-wheel vehicle markets.  Exhaust emissions are a major focus in these markets, and Walbro Engine Management has responded by offering a full range of emissions solutions for two and four-stroke applications.  Walbro products include low emissions carburetors, ignition systems, electronic control units, air/fuel induction systems, electronic fuel injection components and complete engine management systems.  Another common manufacturer with references to their rebuild kits.


Thanks to those that sent in your websites for review.  I’m sure we can highlight many more sites dealing with the mechanics side of the industry in future issues.  If you know of any good websites that you would be willing to share with others, please email Dave at

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