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August/September 2004
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College  

(Canadian Nature Federation)

This is the website of the Canadian Nature Federation.  The site is full of great conservation information to explore.  What I want to bring to your attention is an excellent article on “NatureScaping” in the spring issue of Nature Canada.  Follow the link to Nature Canada in the right hand column of the page.  Once there, click on the article titled “Nature By Design”.  The article is well written and gives lots of useful hints and ideas on how to achieve NatureScaping.  The author goes through a step-by-step process.  The article is written for the perspective of the homeowner, but the basic principles can be applied at any scale.  At the end of the article are a series of links to yet more resources.  If you are feeling daring, back on the main page is a link to an interesting article on alternatives to lawns in the “Green Gardener” column.  

(The Weather Network)

Ever wonder what the weather is going to be like where you are headed to golf.  The Weather Network offers a golf weather reporting service.  Just go to the main page and follow the link to “Golf Report” under Activities on the right hand side of the page.  Then simply select the province you require.  An alphabetical list of courses will be displayed to choose from.  Select the course and you will be given the weather report for that area.  It will also give you information about the course itself, such as address, phone number, slope ratings and course yardages from each tee set.  

(Pest Management Regulatory Agency)

Health Canada maintains a website for the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.  The main page features quick access to information on Mosquito Control, Pest Notes, Lawn Care and Legislation.  Current news releases will also appear on this page.  The site has good information on other issues relevant to pesticide use.  By selecting “Search” in the upper menu bar you will be directed to a page with a link to the ELSE (Electronic Labels: Search and Evaluation) search tool.  Select the link and you will be taken to the introductory page.  From here you can search a database of pesticides for information on products.  You will be given an exact duplicate of the manufacturer’s original label.  You select your search based upon six criteria including product name, active ingredient, and registration number.  It is a valuable tool for evaluating products or simply finding a copy or a missing label for a product you have on your shelf.  

(Re-evaluation Decision Documents)

This area of Health Canada’s website provides re-evaluation decision documents which notify registrants, pesticide regulatory officials, and the Canadian public that the re-evaluation of the human health risk assessment of certain pesticides has been completed.  Within each document, they will discuss the background of the pesticide, regulatory decisions dealing with use and residue, toxicology, environmental effects regarding timing of application, risk to terrestrial organisms, soil half-life, and aquatic risk assessment.  

(Match Practice Putting Game)

Match Practice has developed an online putting game that is very addicting and very difficult to master, unless your name is Ryan (check the high scores).  The game gives you a slope of the green in degrees and you determine when to putt the ball.  Personally, I think the hole needs to be bigger in relation to the size of the ball on the screen, but that’s just me.  My best score was 8.  Putting on a real golf green might be easier.  Nice striping on the green though.  

(Mental Floss)

This is a fun website that provides quizzes about pretty well everything and anything.  What do you know a lot about?  Animals & Plants, Astronomy, Automobiles, Canada, Computers, Film, Geography, History, Literature & Language, Mathematics & Time, Military, War & Weaponry, Presidents & VPs, Science & Weather, Sports, Technology, Television, or Term Origins & Words, to name a few.  Test yourself, learn a little.



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