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April/May 2004
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College

 (Space Weather)

This is a neat website full of celestial information.  The basics include solar activity monitoring.  Because solar activity greatly influences auroras they will try and forecast periods of increased auroral activity.  The site includes links to other sites with useful celestial info (bottom of main page).  The latest in celestial happenings appears on the main page (top half).  You will find links to photos and movies of the latest events occurring, whether it is close encounters with asteroids, visible comets or planetary alignments.   (NAIT)

If you haven’t heard the news, Fairview College is merging with NAIT in Edmonton.  Check out the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology website for the latest information on turfgrass educational opportunities and to apply to any of the Turfgrass programs offered.  We are now offering Turfgrass Equipment Technician via online and mobile training as well as our resident program in Fairview.



In light of all the misinformation in the media these days about pesticide use, I thought it appropriate to provide some good websites that have very useful, accurate data for those of you that might need it in the very near future at your work place.

(Industry Task Force on 2,4-D Research Data)

This site discusses the history and background of the most thoroughly researched herbicide in the world, 2,4-D.  It has sections on recent developments, listings of uses and application rates, industry research, toxicology and environmental toxicology, environmental fate, epidemiology, and recent published reports.

(Environmental Coalition of Ontario)

Practicing responsible lawn care for greener spaces is the motto for this group.  There are links to the benefits of turf and archived newsletters listed by reverse chronological order.  

(Urban Pest Management Council of Canada)

The Urban Pest Management Council of Canada represents the manufacturers, formulators, distributors and allied associations of specialty pest management products, for the consumer or professional markets used in turf, ornamental, pest management, forestry, aquatic, vegetation management and other non-food/fiber applications.  This site has information regarding federal / provincial / territorial healthy lawn strategy, the benefits of pesticides, integrated pest management, pesticides and health concerns, and the pest control products act.  There is also a quick reference guide for pesticide use in municipalities.   (Health Canada – Pest Management & Pesticides)

Within this website you will find all the reports from government meetings, conferences, work groups, stakeholders meetings, etc.  There is also lawn care information for home gardeners and lawn care professionals.  You will also find the legislation for all provinces and territories within Canada.   (US Environmental Protection Agency)

This area of the EPA’s website deals specifically with Pesticides: Health and Safety.  They have sections on human health issues, worker safety and training, using pesticides safely, public health issues, illegal pesticide products, reducing pesticide risk, protecting children, and emergency information.   (Pest Facts)

This website is maintained by RISE which stands for Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment.  RISE is a national not-for-profit trade association representing producers and suppliers of specialty pesticides and fertilizers.  You will find information on pesticides and pests and many articles that have been published on these topics.


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