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February/March 2003
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College   (Nilex)

Nilex carries a complete of line of products designed for containment, drainage and erosion control.  The main page is broken into three main sections: Applications, Products, and Services.  They market products designed for the biggest highway construction job to the smallest golf course renovation project.  In the erosion control subcategory they have a variety of products that range from blankets to gabions to pre-cast concrete systems.  They also have a complete line of landscape fabric and Turf Reinforcement Mats.  From the Applications menu you can “Jump To” the ‘Software’ page.  This provides a link to North American Green’s website ( and access to their Erosion Control Materials Design Software v4.2.  It is designed to give the user help in selecting slope and channel protection and vegetation to use in each application.  North American Green also manufactures straw and straw/coconut erosion control blankets and turf reinforcement mats.   (Turfgrass Producers International)

The site is devoted to dealers of turfgrass (sod).  You can search their member’s database for a sod producer in your area.  It has a publications section that should answer the average person’s complete list of questions.  Of note however are the two links at the bottom of the main page.  They link to the “Water Action Guide” and the “Water Right Book” (  The Water Right Book is an excellent resource on water conservation and the preservation of the environment.  It advocates responsible use of water at all levels from household through to the turf industry.   (The Water Action Guide)

The Water Action Guide is designed as an educational tool for users of water throughout the United States.  Although it has an American focus there is still plenty of basic information useful to turfgrass professionals everywhere.  It steps frame by frame through their mandate for action.  They are providing the turf industry with a common voice to ensure decisions on water use made in a rational fashion for users at every level.   (Turfgrass Jobs)

If you are looking for a source for current turfgrass related jobs available within the industry, check this page out.  And if you are an employer looking to find new people for jobs at your facility, you can forward job postings to the email or fax listed on the site.  Happy hunting.   (Webshots)

Webshots is the world’s largest photograph sharing website.  You can download professional photographs of sunsets, wildlife, nature, exotic destinations, and more.  You can also view the top 100 downloaded photographs or the top 100 highest rated photographs or the top 100 highest selling photographs.  There is even a search routine that will reference from eight million pictures.  And there is a member’s community section that references fifty million pictures.  So, if you’re looking for a certain picture, chances are you can probably find it here.   (Amsoil)

Since the introduction of Amsoil synthetic motor oil in 1972, Amsoil has gone on to develop the most complete line of synthetic lubricants and automotive products in the world.  This website has company history and information, product information, racing information, and a section for frequently asked questions.  You can also download Adobe pdf files containing numerous brochures and catalogs.



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