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December 2003/January 2004
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College   (Eastman Industries)

Do you have hard to mow areas of turf?  Why not consider a Hover Mower by Eastman Industries? The manufacturer of the famous Hover Mower features three models to choose from.  The website features technical specifications about the mowers.  Videos of the mowers in action are also downloadable.  Eastman also produces two models of conventional commercial grade rotary mowers.  

(University of California IPM Online)

The University of California has an excellent site devoted to Integrated Pest Management.  It is a comprehensive site covering all of the crops grown commercially and residentially in California.  However if you follow the commercial turfgrass links, you will eventually get to a page listing information on grass species, diseases affecting turfgrass, insects and weeds.  Many of the weeds and insects are specific to California, but the section on diseases is very relevant to our location.  The information is well written and easy to understand.  Particulars related to identification, susceptible grasses, conditions favoring disease and management are given.  Chemical controls are also listed.  

(University of Connecticut Plant Database)

This website is an excellent resource for information about native and landscape plant material in North America.  There are two alphabetical indices arranged by either common name or Latin name.  The information is presented clearly and concisely and is accompanied by generous pictures.  There is also a dichotomous key and an online glossary for your perusal.  

(Government of Canada Business Gateway)

The Canadian Government has developed a website called the Business Gateway that provides a single access point to all the government services and information needed to start, run and grow a business.  You can find information by using the search engine provided or going to the direct links to Business Startup, Financing, Tax, Human Resources Management, Regulations, Exporting / Importing, Business Statistics and Analysis, Innovation / Research and Development / Technology, E-Business, or Selling to Government / Tenders.  You can acquire Provincial and Territorial information and you have access to electronic forms and services and government contact information.  There are also some other key resources such as Company Directories, Business Tools, Popular Links, Government Programs, Border Wait Times, and Travel Reports.  If you are in business or are starting a business, you should be aware of this site.   (Flowtronex PSI Inc.)

Flowtronex PSI Inc. designs & manufactures pumping systems for a variety of irrigation, boost & lift applications including golf, landscape, and municipal potable and reclaimed water products.  Learn more about integrated water management, Flowtronex also has a complete line of water quality products including filtration, fertigation and SO2 Generators.  You can download literature in Adobe Acrobat pdf format on Pumping Systems, Control Upgrades and Retrofits, Monitoring and Control Software, Integrated Water Management, Accessories, and Service.  Their preventative maintenance program is a comprehensive 200-point checklist that examines nearly every component on the pump station.



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