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August/September 2003
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College   (Bobcat)

Bobcat’s website is loaded with tons of information.  On the main page there are links to their products, training resources, dealers, and the WorkSaver newsletter.  From each product-line page there are links to the available attachments, machine specifications, and news stories.  There are also links to machine video clips and safety video clips.  The market link on the main page lists all of the available equipment with application suitability to those conditions.  For added ease of selection each attachment page has links to the machines the equipment can be used on.             (Health Canada – West Nile Virus)

Visit Health Canada’s website for the latest information on the status of West Nile Virus in Canada.  They have information about the disease, symptoms and how to protect yourself and your family.  The “Surveillance” link provides information on monitoring programs in place across Canada and the results of past monitoring.   (Canadian Ladies’ Golf Association)

One for the ladies . . . This is the home of Ladies Amateur Golf in Canada.  You’ll find links to information on membership, tournaments and player development.  There is a section for junior ladies, with information on Scholarships and Awards.   (Grimshaw Tornado 2003)

If you live anywhere in Western Canada and are reading this article and think you will never see a tornado in your hometown, think again.  I live in Grimshaw, travel to Fairview to teach at the college, and my wife and I also own an electronics business on mainstreet in Grimshaw.  At around 4:00 p.m. on Monday, June 30, I was in Fairview when I got the call from my wife that a Tornado had just hit Grimshaw and tore the roof off of our store and now the rain was pouring in.  My first thought was that this could not possibly happen in northern Alberta and that she must be joking, but sadly I knew by the fear in her voice that it was all too true.  It took me about 20 minutes to drive 58 kilometres to Grimshaw and as I drove by the ball diamonds, the tennis courts, the pool, the arena and headed towards mainstreet, I cannot even explain what I saw.  The devastation was something like out of the movies.  It took several minutes to weave my way around huge trees and power lines that were now blocking the streets.  As I worked my way down mainstreet, I could not believe the damage to buildings where trees, shingles and any other flying objects had impaled them, broken glass everywhere, and now, only minutes after the tornado, many people scurrying about in the pouring rain trying to provide assistance to anyone who might need it.  As I parked in front of my store, I was in disbelief that this thing could rip a tar and gravel flat roof right off of a block building.  As I entered the store through the front door that no longer had any glass, I was again amazed at what I saw.  There were several volunteers assisting my wife Fay, frantically moving TV’s, DVD’s, VCR’s, satellites and anything else that was getting soaked by the rain that was now pouring into our store like a huge waterfall.  We drilled holes in the floor just to get the 2 inches of water to dissipate down into the gravel below.  We were at the store that evening for several hours past our regular closing time of 6:00 p.m., moving things to safer, drier locations within the building, and waiting for the water to stop draining into the building from the roof.  I am amazed by the courage that my wife displayed during this ordeal.  She had 3 customers in the store at the time and they all made it to the office where they laid flat on the floor waiting for the tornado to pass.  When I looked at the path of destruction the next day, it is truly a miracle that no one was killed or seriously injured.  We were supposed to be having our 50th anniversary celebration as a town on July 1, but now that has been put off to a later date this year.   And now the tough part really begins, rebuilding the town facilities, businesses, and residences that were damaged.  Last I heard the arena was a write-off, as were a couple of businesses.  My business will probably suffer damages and losses to the tune of $80,000, and now I will see how good my insurance company really is.  Disaster Services has come through with some money, but much more is needed.  If you came through the town a couple of days after the tornado, you would not see any of the mess that was littered over several blocks of the town.  The volunteers that came out from all over the Peace Country did a tremendous job of cleaning up and it makes one proud to live in an area where there is so much support from your fellow man.  Anyway, I thank my lucky stars that my family is well and the rebuilding is around the corner.  Please take the time to visit this website and reflect on how powerful weather can be and how fragile the environment we live in really is.


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