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December 2002/January 2003
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College   (Honda Power Equipment)

Follow the link to Power Equipment.  The Honda Power Equipment website provides oodles of information on their line of mowers, tillers, trimmers, generators and pumps.  In addition to the general ‘Model Overview & Features’ descriptions of Honda’s products, there is detailed ‘Technical Specifications, and Pricing’.  Selecting the right piece of equipment for your job is made simple.  When you get tired of the Power Equipment check out the rest of Honda’s fine quality wares.  Or check out the American site at for a different perspective of the same information.  The information has a slightly different slant and some added features like Helpful Hints, Buying Guides and lots of additional technical information about the product line.   (Honda Media Newsroom)

What’s new with Honda Power Equipment?  Browse through the Media Newsroom and see the latest information on Honda’s complete line of outdoor power equipment.   (2003 GCSAA conference)

The official website of the GCSAA 2003 annual conference.  They are billing this as the ‘Biggest Event of the Century’.   From the website you can find out which companies are exhibiting in the trade show.  You can browse through the seminars offered.  Online registration is available.  Check out the extracurricular activities planned during your stay in Atlanta, GA the host city.  Starting in November you can even see which of your colleagues is attending.  They even offer you the ability to book your travel and hotel accommodations online.   (StrathAyr Turf Systems)

This is the website of an Australian company, StrathAyr Turf Systems that has developed a revolutionary new modular turfgrass system.  The turfgrass is grown in modules.  The modules are interlocking and come complete with drainage grids.  GPS allows the modules to be precisely located on the field.  The system allows events to be played on grass where grass normally does not grow well such as indoor stadiums.  In addition to the modular turf, they also produce sod for the domestic market and a product called MegAyr sod, which is 40mm thick.   (Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System of Canada)

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System of Canada (ACSSC) educates and encourages landowners and land managers to become actively involved in protecting and enhancing wildlife and their habitats and conserving and sustaining natural resources on their own properties.  Programs for golf courses, schools, businesses, cemeteries, and backyards are designed to provide conservation assistance tailored to the unique needs, opportunities, concerns, and constraints of each property.  The Golf Program is set up as 3 steps.  The first is registering your golf course, the second is to complete your resource inventory and environmental plan, and the third is to obtain certification in one of five areas.  Those areas are Wildlife & Habitat Management, Integrated Pest Management, Water Conservation, Water Quality Management, and Outreach & Education.  If you are interested, there is an online application form available in PDF format.   (Golf Equipment Technicians Association of Canada)

This association is primarily for the benefit of the technician, who deals with all phases of turf equipment in the golf industry, and for the betterment of the golf industry.  To educate, inform, and assist all members of the association.  To improve communication between manufacturers, golf course superintendents and members of the association.  G.E.T.A.C. was founded in 1992 by a group of Golf Equipment Technicians as the Golf Equipment Technicians Association of Ontario (G.E.T.A.O.), with a mandate to help educate golf course mechanics and to promote professionalism for this trade within the golf industry.  They have links to Health & Safety, Technical Support, Tips & Tricks, Classifieds, Upcoming Events, Past Events, and Contacts.  They are presently working with Fairview College to establish a standardized curriculum for their Turf Equipment Technician program.  The goal is to provide technicians that are ready to face the demands that will be placed on them by today's increasingly complex and hi-tech turf maintenance equipment.  G.E.T.A.C. is here to offer support for these new technicians.  So whether your mechanic is just starting out, or you are an established, experienced technician, a membership in G.E.T.A.C. is a great way to enhance and support the growth of not only your golf course but the entire trade and will help to ensure that Canadian Turf Equipment Technicians are kept up to date on all of the latest news and developments and are looked upon by all as some of the best in the business.  If anyone would be interested in development of provincial chapters in the western provinces please contact Bear Moffatt at or Dave Allan at


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