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August/September 2002
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College  

(Earth Observatory)

Follow the link to NASA's BlueMarble website which features high-resolution pictures of earth, taken from space.  By selecting the link to news at the top of the page you will be directed to a page containing the latest in Earth Science research and meteorological/geological events on earth.  The data and images link takes you to the main database of information.  The information is catalogued according to physical type.  There are links to the atmosphere, oceans, land, life and heat and energy.  From these pages you can build animations of the data you want to see and view the changes over time.  The data chart link archives past physical measurements.  Each bar on the graph is a link to an expanded view of the data.  The Image of the Day archive link catalogues a huge volume of simply stunning photos taken from space of geological formations, weather patterns and measurements of various physical parameters.  From the main page you can subscribe to the Earth Observatory and receive a weekly newsletter of the latest images uploaded to the site.  There are also links to pages containing mission and experimental information.   (PMRA Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet published by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency discusses the federal role, distribution of principal responsibilities, and the PMRA registration process.  It reviews health, environment, laboratory services, and value and efficacy assessments.  The PMRA makes decisions on new and registered products and has responsibility for compliance and regional operations, consultation and communications.  This fact sheet lists the provincial / territorial agencies for questions regarding use permits and classifications and it contains a glossary of pesticide terminology.   (John Deere)

We have reviewed this site before, however there are two significant additions to the site including a "Compare" link which offers competitive spec comparisons and a "Build Your Own" link.  The "Compare" feature includes a database with specs for John Deere equipment and comparable competitive models listed side-by-side, allowing the customer to directly compare the equipment.  The "Build Your Own" section hooks a customer into an online product configuration that includes all of the engineering build rules, allowing him to build a piece of equipment exactly the way he wants it, and then send it to the local dealer electronically for a quote.  Each product in the construction and forestry line-up includes these features.   (Mini Golf)

Another excellent www game of mini golf created in Flash® animation.  This one is a lot more challenging than last months and features multi-player functionality.   (Strategy games)

A collection of simple strategic games written in JavaScript.  

(Helicopter game)

A challenging game of flight.  Simply fly the remote controlled helicopter through the course and score points for distance.


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