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April/May 2002
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College   (Spraying Systems Co.)

The corporate website for Spraying Systems Co. features information about the wide range of spraying related products they manufacture and offer for sale.  They have current buyer’s guides (metric and U.S.) and product literature available for download in PDF format.  In addition the FAQ section (Questions) also offers support for a number of areas where problems are likely to be encountered such as valves, plumbing and nozzles.  The Tech Support has many useful tidbits.  There is an online spray calibration calculator, conversion tables and glossary.  There are bulletins on tip wear, drift and sprayer calibration. (Canada Golfing Guide) bills itself as Canada’s on-line resource for golfing.  Over the next months the site will continue to grow.  Currently it is really just an expansion of  From the main page you can view lists of golf courses sorted by province.  The BC page is setup in E-zine format, with articles, interviews, and maps.  You can even request tee times on-line.  These features will be available for the rest of the country in the near future when the site promises to be the most comprehensive website for golf in Canada for Canadian and traveling golfers. Survey of Canada)


Did you think western Canada was geologically silent?  The Pacific Geoscience Centre of the Geologic Survey of Canada website offers a compendium of information on seismic activity in the west.  From their main page follow the link to “earthquake information”.  You will find maps of recent earthquake activity, seismic data plots, and general earthquake history.  Past earthquake activity is logged here.  You can find your specific region or location and see the earthquakes you missed as well as the earthquakes that were felt.  They also have links to seismic activity occurring in the rest of the planet.  The site also contains lots of basic earthquake information relevant to school children and interested adults.  There are links to other educational resources on a variety of related topics from volcanoes to tsunamis and to the numerous publications prepared by PGC staff members and their affiliated colleagues.  The website also links to the Natural Resources of Canada main site, which features information on a variety of earth sciences topics.   (The Weather Channel)

Yes, this is the web home of the American Weather Channel.  But it does have some neat features that make it useful even for us Canadians.  Follow the links to My Weather.  The My Weather customized weather page, gives you the capability to display today's weather news, current weather information including a 10-day forecast and your own set of weather maps.  All of this data is presented together for your specific city or region.  The detailed daily forecasts are broken down into 3-hour time blocks.  The site also boasts all sorts of historical weather data, allowing the end user to view past weather trends and try to predict what might come in the future.  (Guelph Turfgrass Institute)

The Guelph Turfgrass Institute was established in 1987 to conduct research and extension and provide information on turfgrass production and management to members of the Ontario turfgrass industry.  The first of its kind in Canada, the institute is already recognized as a world-class center for research, extension and professional development.  Building on the University of Guelph's long-standing expertise in turfgrass science, the research activities of the institute continues to focus in areas such as the environmental aspects of pesticide use (fate and persistence), evaluation of grass species, varieties and seeding methods, sports field construction, fertility and management programs, pesticide use and the biological and cultural control of diseases and weeds.  The Guelph Turfgrass Institute's mandate is to expand and enhance turfgrass research, to expand extension and information services, prepare young people for careers in the industry and in research through undergraduate and graduate programs, and to develop a world-class turfgrass facility.  In particular, there is a Turf Managers’ Bulletin Board that offers an area for announcements, upcoming events, jobs available, jobs wanted, a buy/sell board, and a turf management forum that discusses a variety of topics.


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