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February/March 2001
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College  

(National Golf Course Owners Association)              

This site is for golf course owners but any golf course professional will benefit from their golf course becoming a member.  Many of you may already be members of the NGCOA but if you're not, the Golf Max Program is part of your membership privileges.  Golf Max is a program that can save all aspects of the golf course money (Pro shop, food & beverage, and grounds maintenance).  Many golf courses have saved $1000 or more on fertilizer alone not to mention fuel savings.  At the website you can search or look at all the companies currently supporting the Golf Max Program.  The NGCOA has chapters in Canada and the U.S. so companies supporting Golf Max are local or companies you currently do business with.   (IVRnet)

IVRnet is a tee time booking website.  You can book tee times in most provinces and American States with more golf courses coming on line all the time.  Ivrnet is also a company that supplies golf courses with tee time booking solutions that free up pro shop staff from the phone.  The automated system allows golfers to book tee times from a touch-tone phone or Internet connection.  They will never get a busy signal and the entire process takes around 40 seconds.  Many private courses are coming on line with this system and even smaller courses will benefit because their limited staff will be free to do things other than constantly answering the phone.   (Prize Golf)

Prize golf is a virtual golf game that you download from the Internet (1.3MB) and play offline.  You can play in tournaments and win prizes.  You can even look up other players information like drive accuracy, distance, and greens in regulation to allow for some harmless taunting.  If you have some free time and a passion for golf, try this site out.  

(The Irrigation Association)

The mission of The Irrigation Association, a non-profit, North American organization, is to improve the products and practices used to manage water resources and to help shape the worldwide business environment of the irrigation industry.  The Irrigation Association's interest in water resources encompasses the application conservation, drainage, improvement and recovery of water for economic and environmental enhancement in agriculture, turfgrass, landscape and forestry.  If you are looking for information regarding irrigation certification, education, books, how to hire a contractor, any new product releases, or irrigation news in general, this is the site to surf.   (Pickseed Canada)

This is the website for Pickseed Canada.  The company focus is, and always has been, to bring with their seed the technical expertise and know how to ensure that the customer maximizes his returns from the seed products purchased.  The company operates the only private forage research in Canada, developing persistent, productive varieties for the more demanding northern climates.  Under the Turf link you can find information on seed, mixtures, and any of the main cool season grasses that they carry.  Under the Lawn link there is a section that diagnoses problem situations for your lawn.



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