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April/May 2001
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College   (Golf Psych)

This site is a great spot to get your mental game polished for the golf season.  There are links and even a mental test to see where your mental game is at and help improve weak areas.  There is a quick fix area that has questions and answers.  As well there is a section on Instructions and Eight mental traits of a champion that tells you what mental traits champion golfers share.  As always there is a spot to buy books and the latest golf gadgets to fix an ailing golf game.


(Travel Information & Advisory Report)

The Canadian Government puts out this site and it advises on vaccinations, visa requirements, and any other dangers associated to your destination of choice.  There is a weekly traveler’s bulletin that warns of political or civil unrest in a country and tells about safe and dangerous locations within that country.  It also warns if there are changes to visa requirements.  The Beware link tells of any travel advisories put out in the past two years.  You can get passport information, print out an application, and find Canadian Consults in foreign countries.  You can also order for free any travel publication that the Canadian Government puts out such as Bon Voyage But . . . and Working Abroad.  

(Currency Converter)

This site is excellent to find out what the going rate of exchange is.  You can check the rate for any currency, from US Dollars to Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen to North Korean Won.  You can even check the rate from previous dates as far back as 1990.  Be careful of checking the Canadian Dollar against the US Dollar that far back as it could cause you to weep at how good the rate was then.   (Ultimate Turfgrass Links Page)

Great website if you are trying to find something.  You can browse this site by categories, such as Associations, Commercial Sites, Companies, Diseases, Environmental Issues, General Turf Management, Golf, Government, IPM, Insects, Plant Protection, Research, Seed, Sod, Software, Sports Turf, Travel, Weather, Weeds, and more.  You can also search the web using a pull-down menu with several search engines.  Information overload at its finest.  

(BC Superior Courts – Chief Justice)

This is an interesting website if you are looking for information on legal issues.  There is a section where Chief Justice McEachern comments on questions about law that are sent to him.  Entertaining reading.  There are also several links on this site to such areas as Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian Legal Information Institute, Alberta Courts, Federal Court of Canada, and many more.  Good source of legal information.


If you come across any interesting web sites (turf or non-turf related) please forward this information to Dave at or

Steve at


It's incredible, when you think about it, how little parents knew about child psychology yet how wonderful we turned out to be.




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