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October/November 2000
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College   (Major Diseases of Turfgrass in Western Canada)

The Alberta Government’s Agricultural Department created this site which is for Turfgrass Professionals in Western Canada.  This site is quite unique because not very often do you find a disease site that is specifically for Canada and especially Western Canada.  To find information on a particular disease just scroll down the page and click on the disease of interest.  You then receive pictures and information on factors influencing the spread and severity of the disease, cultural controls and chemical controls.  

(The Weather Network)

This is a terrific web site for anything dealing with the weather.  You can get up to the minute weather conditions for your area including temperature, wind, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and dewpoint.  It also lists the normal temperatures, record temperatures, short-term forecast, long-term forecast and sunrise and sunset.  This site also features satellite images and radar images for all of Canada under weather maps.  You can get weather forecasts for U.S. and world cities.  Other useful areas within this site include the Air Quality Index, Pollen Forecast, Golf Report, Forest Fire Watch, Marine Forecast, Parks, UV Report, Farmzone, and The Leisure Network.  Finally, if you are looking for news briefs from all over the world, just click on the Weatherwire.  I’m all weathered out after going through this site.  Great site.   (Golfdom Magazine)

At this site you can check out the current month’s magazine issue or subscribe to receive the magazine at your golf course for free.  You can also look at what feature articles are coming in the months to come.  If your organization has an upcoming event (conference, field day, etc.) just e-mail the information to Golfdom and they will advertise it for free.  I found the articles in this month’s issue excellent.  Golf’s Greatest Green Complexes lists the top 10 greens in the world and you might be surprised to know that none of them where originally USGA spec greens and only 3 have been converted.  Don’t get Caught in the Speed Trap is another excellent article on how some superintendents get carried away with their height of cut.   (Hollywood Stock Exchange)

If you like movies or music this site is one of the most enjoyable sites I’ve seen yet.  When you sign up to this site you receive $2,000,000 of fake money to trade on the Hollywood Stock Exchange.  You then buy stocks or bonds on movies, movie stars, songs, albums or musicians.  As these movies or albums make money or lose money your stocks go up accordingly.  Some of the movies may be in the development stage and you can buy their stocks for cheap but run the risk that the movie might be canceled and loss everything.  Enjoy!


Sorry, didn’t get the top ten list compiled for this issue.  Look for it in the next issue.


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