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December 2000/January 2001
by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College   

(Canadian Golf Superintendents Association)

This site is available in both French and English.  There is a member's only area where you can get involved in a discussion forum, find new research information, and an area for professional development.  The Green Master (the official publication of the CGSA) tab is open to anyone and you can look at current and past articles of the magazine.  The event calendar lists all conferences and field days for the year, where they are being held, and who to contact.  The About CGSA page gives the history and vision of the CGSA.  You can also join the CGSA by mail, fax, or online.   

(Chipco Professional Products)

Chipco's site offers MSDS sheets on all their products such as Rovral Green.  They also offer a profile on each product as well as mode of action, residual activity, and impact on the environment.   (Manderley Sod)

Manderley's site is offered in English, French, or Spanish.  You can get information on all sod types (soil free or big roll) and cultivars (bent, penncross) available from Manderley.  There is also information on the type of jobs that they do, such as green and fairway renovations all the way up to the complete sodding of a golf course.   (Turf-Seed Inc.)

This site has information on turfgrasses for home or commercial use.  Under the home use page, it has links to the lawn care guide, lawns and dogs, selecting the right seed, and even information on ornamental and grazing grasses.  Within the commercial use area, there are links to industry news, product information, the seed finder, research library, video library, glossary of seed terms, and parts of a seed.  There is information here for golf courses, professional lawn care, sod growers, roadsides and parks, and sports fields.   

(Western Canada Turfgrass Association)

This is a new website for the WCTA and it is not fully completed yet, but still well worthy of mention.  It lists coming industry events, has information about membership with the WCTA, has a link for Sports Field Managers, and one for Golf Course Superintendents as well.  There is a chat room for asking and responding to industry questions.  You can also look up articles from past editions of the Turf Line News and there is a link that lists the WCTA research projects from 1996 to 2000.

As promised, here’s our top ten list.  These ten sites are in no particular order, but are listed here because they represent our idea of a well-designed website that offers a good source of information to our industry.

The Weather Network (

 TurfNet (

 United States Golf Association (

The Turfzone (

The American Society of Golf Course Architects


 Green Net Online Network (

National Golf Foundation (

 Golfdom Magazine (

 Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (

 Irrigation & Green Industry Network (

If you come across any interesting web sites (turf or non-turf related) please forward this information to Dave at or Steve at



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