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by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College (TheLawn Institute)
This site features the Lawn Institute's newsletter called Lawn and Landscape Digest. Here you can read the premier issue where there are articles on Selecting the Best Grass for Your Lawn, Fertilization and Watering Programs That Work, How to Make Sure you are Buying Quality Seed, and many others. There is also a useful chart on when to water and when to cut your turf. There is another link called Lawn Tips on such things as Selecting Grass Seed for Northern and Southern Lawns, Lawn Care Programs That Work, Proper Watering Practices, and How the Environment Benefits From A Well Maintained Lawn. This website is geared mainly to the homeowner but does have excellent articles and the lawn tips are from turfgrass experts. (Wateright)
The Wateright web site is operational, but the program is still in the beta stage being tested. The Wateright program was developed by the Center for Irrigation Technology. Wateright is designed to be both an educational tutorial about weather-based irrigation scheduling and to provide irrigation scheduling guidelines for local sites. The tutorial utilizes animation and text examples to educate the user on weather-based irrigation scheduling principles and practices. The program is designed for three audiences: homeowners, heavy turf and agriculture. The irrigation schedules produced by Wateright are only estimates of plant / water requirements. Field verification by the user is strongly recommended to ensure proper soil moisture levels and plant health. In order to help the user understand the procedure used in the Wateright Program, they recommend starting with the Tutorial option. Neat site. Hope they continue their work on this site. pestlist.htm (Turfgrass Pests and Beneficials Index)
This site is an excellent database for insect pest identification, treatment, and control. The site is broken down into categories such as Surface Feeders - Chewing, Nuisance Pests, Subsurface Feeders, Surface Feeders - Sucking, and Beneficial Insects. Once you have selected the insect you are interested in, you get Pictures, Life History, General Symptoms, Sampling Techniques, Management Strategies, and Insecticidal Control. Good site. (Turfgrass Information Center - Michigan State University)
The Turfgrass Information Center (TIC) at Michigan State University contains the most comprehensive collection of turfgrass educational materials publicly available in the world. TIC has over 59,000 records in its primary database (TGIF - The Turfgrass Information File). The Turfgrass Information Center has three primary functions: to collect materials on turf research, turf culture, and the management of turf facilities, such as golf courses, parks, sports fields, lawns, sod farms, roadsides, institutional grounds, and other landscapes, to develop and continually refine an online system to provide access to the collected materials, as well as structured, precise access to the emerging electronic resources of the World Wide Web, and to assist users of the collection, by helping them identify, locate, and acquire materials. (Georgia Turfgrass Foundation Trust)
It is more than just a green lawn! Those simple little grass plants beneath our feet play an important role in our environment by trapping dust and dirt, absorbing rainfall, producing oxygen, and cooling the air. This website provides information on the many uses and environmental benefits of turfgrass and is provided as an educational service of the Georgia Turfgrass Foundation Trust, a tax-exempt research and education foundation. Learn about current turf research, browse selected readings, gain a few helpful turfgrass tips, and find out how to actively support the Georgia Turfgrass Foundation Trust. Take a walk through this website and learn more about the world of turfgrass - and please, walk on the grass!

If you come across any interesting web sites (turf or non-turf related) please forward this information to: Dave at or Steve at We look forward to hearing from you.

Turf Line News October/November 1999

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