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by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College (Weed Alert)
This site is the turf professional's online source for weed control options. The site gives you germination dates and you can select the U.S. region (western, north central, southern, northeastern) or click the first letter of the weed you are looking for. Then you get a picture of the weed and click the picture to get all the information on the weed. You also get information on cultural practices and herbicide use. (Rutgers University)
This site is hosted by Rutgers University and features lots of photos and description of weeds. You can type in a weed search or searches through thumbnail images to find the weed you are looking for. Thumbnail images are small pictures that have been reduced in size to increase the speed that a website can load onto your computer screen. To see the full size picture simply click on the thumbnail image. This site is mainly for weed identification and not weed control. (Intellicast Weather Service)
Great weather site for any country, region, or city in the world. It gives you a four-day forecast. There is also a Golfcast at this site giving the best areas to golf, wind contours, turf conditions, thunderstorm probability, radar, and satellite imagery. (Thor's Links to Golf Related Sites)
You name it in golf - this site has it. You can look up everything from on-line golf magazines to golf tips and instruction, golf organizations, tournaments, internet golf, trivia and rules, golf celebrities, golf jokes, golf pictures, golf around the globe, and commercial golf sites that give you access to anything you want to buy that is golf related. Amazing web site that you have to see to believe. (Worldgolf)
Another good site that contains a fairly thorough listing of golf courses from around the globe. It also has information on the golf tours, the majors, travel, and golf tips. You can register your hole-in-one here, post or read classified ads, and even look up scorecards that have been sent in. They also list numerous golf links by country. Again, this is a pretty interesting site. (Bad Golf Monthly)
This is a humorous site on golf for anyone who is interested in the game. This site contains golf tips (some good, some not), funny antidotes, sounds of the game, reader stories, cartoons, classified ads, golf packages around the globe, and a really good joke page containing hundreds of jokes, mostly pertaining to the game of golf. If you need a few new golf jokes, you won't have any trouble finding them in here. (National Hockey League)
And finally, seeing as many of you will want to check final statistics for your office playoff pools or drafts, here is the official NHL website. This site provides everything you want to know about the NHL, including news stories, scoreboards, schedules, team information, and of course player statistics.

If you come across any interesting web sites (turf or non-turf related) please forward this information to: Dave at or Steve at

Turf Line News June/July 2000

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