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by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College (Dig Magazine)
This site is the online version of Dig Magazine. It has articles on home improvement and gardening. The site is geared to the home gardener but I did find some of the articles insightful for turf professionals as well. On the home page you will find a link to which gives you a chance to win $2500. You don't have to register and it is 100% free to play. Other links on the home page include Perennials, Design, Plants, Maintenance, Techniques, and Post Cards. Perennials contains articles such as Planning a Perennial Garden and Creating a Low Maintenance Lawn. Design contains articles such as Landscape Design, Flower Festival, and A Bird's Garden of Seed. Plants contains information on Annuals, Bulbs, Herbs, House Plants, Lawns, Perennials, Shrubs and Roses, Trees/Fruits/Nuts, Vegetables, and Wild Flowers. Maintenance has many articles on IPM, Lawn Care, and Pruning. Techniques has articles on IPM and creating a Low Maintenance Lawn. In Post Cards you can create a post card and send it to anyone with an email address. This allows you to pick a picture, the color and font of your text, and any message you wish to add. (Professional Lawn Care Association of America)
This web site has a variety of information on the benefits of turfgrass to the environment and opportunities that exists in the turf industry. On the home page you will find these links: Description of Membership, A code of ethics, PLCAA application form, Annual Conferences, Certified Turfgrass Professional, Lawn Care Industry and PLCAA Profiles, Research Abstracts, Helpful Sites, Industry Growth - Gallup Survey, News Releases, Water Quality and Your Lawn, Product Catalogs, and Careers in Lawn Care. The Lawn Care Association tells of the importance and benefits of turfgrass, the future of the lawn care industry, and responsible industry practice. The Gallup Survey was done to research why people invest in lawn care and up keep. (Sensible Software Incorporated)
This site gives you information on Clip Software (Computerized Lawn Industry Program). This program is for people in the profession lawn care business. The program will keep track of customers, help do your books, and help with most of your business needs. The home page contains the following: Features, Demos, Products, Support, and Purchasing. The Demo link allows you to order a free working demo of the Clip program. If you already own a copy of Clip the Support link allows you to request free updates of the newest version. (2,4-D Research Data)
This site is dedicated to any information that you might be looking for on 2,4-D. You can find information on Recent Developments, Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Fate, Industry Research, Epidemiology, and much more. (National Pesticide Telecommunications Network)
The NPTN is a service that is provided by Oregon State University and the Environmental Protection Agency. The NPTN provides information on pesticides products, recognition and management of pesticides poisoning, toxicology, and environmental chemistry. This site contains links such as Regulatory, Manufacturing, Emergency, and Pest Control. Regulatory links and gives information on the EPA, State Agencies, Regulatory Issues, Laws and Regulations, and it also has information on Canadian Regulations. Manufacturing gives information on Pesticide Manufacturers, Formulations, Producers, and Registrants. Emergency contains information on Human Poison Centers, Pesticide Poisoning Handbook, Animal Poison Centers, Big Spills, and Small Spills.

If you come across any interesting web sites (turf or non-turf related) please forward this information to: Dave at or Steve at We look forward to hearing from you.

Turf Line News June/July 1999

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