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by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College (Texas Plant Disease Handbook)
At this web site you can search their database for turfgrass diseases. To do this you first select a grass type (host), and then select a Causal Agent such as bacterial, fungal, physiological, etc. To limit the search you can also enter in key words such as wilt, root rot, etc. The search will then list the types of diseases (if more than one) and give a brief description of the disease and how to manage it. The more key words that you enter to limit the search the quicker the search will find your exact disease. Even though this site is set up in Texas many of the diseases that we deal with in Canada are entered in the database. Good web site. (Turf-Tec International Diagnostic Turfgrass Tools)
This site has a home lawn section with information on analyzing problem areas that occur on lawns and tips on how to correct them. It has a golf course section with information relating to analyzing the soil profile and analyzing problem areas before they become visually apparent. It has a sports fields section where you can find out how to assess problems like compaction and wear. In addition the pages will give solutions to many questions. It has a virtual catalog with pictures and online turf consultation as well. This site also features seven pages of historical pictures of turfgrass equipment evolution. Some of the pictures are quite interesting and humorous. It's hard to imagine maintaining turf with some of this old equipment. (Par Aide, Inc.)
Par Aide Golf Supplies set up this site. Even though they are trying to sell you their product the site does contain some good shop tips. It has tips on Easy Way to Clean "Nasty" Spike Brushes, Mount your Divot Mates on the Ball Washer Stands, Easy Trimming for Fairway Distance Markers, etc. This site also has links to For Golf Course Designers, Product Info, and Gifts for Golfers. (The Institute of Groundsmanship)
The Institute of Groundsmanship is the leading organization representing groundsmen and other professionals involved in greenkeeping, horticulture, turfculture and amenity management. Their members represent all facets of the industry from practicing users through suppliers to consultants. This site provides links to some other sites that may be of interest such as The England and Wales Cricket Club, The Rugby Football League, The English Bowling Association, Scottish Football Association, British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association, The Sports Turf Managers Association (Iowa, USA), and The Sports Turf Association (Guelph, Canada). (Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia)
The Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia was founded in 1979 by participating irrigation dealers, distributors, manufacturers and individuals involved in the irrigation industry. They offer irrigation design seminars and courses, certified irrigation design and auditing programs, and publications on irrigation design and management. They also publish a newsletter quarterly called Water Wise. The newsletter keeps members up to date on upcoming events, seminars and courses related to irrigation in British Columbia and the rest of North America. In addition, articles pertaining to the management and efficient use of water and irrigation system design, operation and scheduling are included.

If you come across any interesting web sites (turf or non-turf related) please forward this information to: Dave at or Steve at We look forward to hearing from you.

Turf Line News August/September 1999

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