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by Dave Allan and Steve Wilson, Fairview College (Napster Music Community)
I know this site has nothing to do with turf but with the new MP3 craze I thought that this would be of interest to a lot of you. For those of you who don't know what MP3 files are, they are music files you can play on your computer or with a MP3 player. The songs are free and just about any type of music you could possibly want is available on this site. If you have ever tried to find an MP3 site using a search engine it is a nightmare to find the songs that you want. So I thought that this site could save you a lot of time and frustration. This site is set up as a community for people to share music. You have to download some software from the site when you first log on. When you finally get in to the community you search songs by artist or song title from other users in the site and you can choose to share or not to share the MP3 files on your computer. When you find the song you want there are colored lights beside the song (green, yellow, or red) and this lets you know how fast the song will download (green being the fastest). Be warned some songs can take upwards of one hour to download (most taking 20 to 30 minutes) and you can download three songs at once. (Ardington Grinder Products)
This site is for a grinding manufacturing company. Their flagship product is a portable tabletop spin grinder called the Ardington Bear. It was developed by three individuals from Fairview College and is manufactured out of Fairview, Alberta. The grinder is extremely compact and is revolutionary in design compared to conventional spin grinders. There is also a handy tech tips section that includes definitions to common turf tech terms. (Salinity Tolerance of Turfgrasses)
The Agricultural Department of Alberta conducted this study in two locations over a three-year period. The first location was near Brooks, Alberta under irrigated conditions and the second location was near Hanna under dryland conditions. This study is unique because most salinity studies are done under green house conditions where the natural elements have no influence but this study allows for natural elements to influence the condition of the plots (which is closer to the conditions seen on a golf course). All the grasses grown on Alberta golf courses where used in the study. This makes it easy to compare grass types together to get the best grass for your condition/area. (M.K. Rittenhouse and Sons Ltd.)
Rittenhouse is the first sprayer manufacturer to offer over 6000 products with exploded parts breakdowns with pricing online. Whether your interest is consumer or professional, they have a wide variety of product areas including, Weed and Insect Control, Landscape and Property Management, Greenhouse, Agriculture and Nurseries, Golf Courses, Arboriculture, Interior Landscaping, Silviculture, Sprayer Components, Irrigation and Watering, Water Gardens and Fountains, Gloves and Wearables, Lawn Mower Accessories, and Winter Products for those handy outdoor items, because it can't be green all year (just a subtle reminder for those of us living in the great white north). This site also has an online magazine called Hort-Pro, which is managed by John Morley who has been with the Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture and the City of Edmonton Parks and Recreation department. I read through a good article on pruning.

If you come across any interesting web sites (turf or non-turf related) please forward this information to: Dave at or Steve at

Turf Line News April/May 2000

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