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        The following are the guidelines for completing
        the WCTA Research Project Application Form:

        Research Index l Research Application Form

        1. Application Date:  
        2. Project Title: The title identifies and describes the project.
        3. Applicant: Person responsible for the project
        4. Address, Phone, Fax, E-mail:  
        5. Co-operating Partners: Identify any partners you have. Partners may include:
        • Other colleagues who are interested in repeating the experiment under different conditions;
        • Companies which are providing products for testing;
        • Others not associated with your operation but who are participating in the test(i.e. consultants, university or college staff, government ministries or employees)
        6. Project Background: Outline your interest in the subject. This may include:
        • A review of the turf management problem at your facility or in your area -- i.e. how important or how big is the problem; what has been tried (usually without success)
        • A review of published work - i.e. what has been tried in other areas; what is the history of the subject.
        Summarize the project background by indicating how the results of your test will add to what is already known about the subject.
        7. Proposed Project Objectives: What are the goals of the project? The key here is to be as specific as possible.
        8. Project: Describe how the trial will be conducted. Include information on the:
        • Number of treatments (remember to include control treatments); Size of treatments;
        • Arrangement of treatments (a plot plan may be appropriate);
        • How many replications will there be or each treatment (Without replication you cannot have much confidence in the outcome of the experiment);
        • How will the treatments be applied;
        • Start date of the experiment, dates of the treatment and dates on which data will be collected;
        • How will the data be analyzed (assessed or interpreter)
        9. Budget: Make the budget as realistic as possible. Appropriate receipts will have to be included with the final report.
        • Salaries: labour costs
        • Materials: costs of fertilizers, amendments, pesticides, gas, oil etc.
        • Equipment: cost of new or rented equipment for the project (Purchases of new equipment should be small. The WCTA will not be subsidizing major equipment purchases)
        • Lab costs: soil testing or tissue testing costs. (Tests must be done by certified labs)
        • Other: please identify
        • Funding from other sources: If other funding is applied for and/or received for your project it must be identified. (This may be a grant from another agency or it may be the donation of materials from a supplier)
        10. Project Starting Date: See Project details number 8.
        11. Project Completion Date: See Project details number. Include time after the final data analysis and report writing.

        Grants will normally be approved on an annual basis. Projects extending beyond one year will require the submission of an annual progress report. Renewal of funds for such on-going projects will be subject to approval of the Research Committee following submission of the progress report.

        Fund/s will be issued when an invoice is received with documenting receipts (as applicable). A 10% hold back of funds from the WCTA will be released subject to receipt of the final report on the project. Progress reports and/or abstracts of the projects will be published in the Annual WCTA Research Report mailed in August each year.

        If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the WCTA office (604) 869-WCTA (9282) . Committee members would be pleased to assist you with completing the Application Form, setting proper controls on the project and answering any questions you may have.

        The WCTA Research Committee
        Spring 2002

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