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by Darren Burns, WCTA Director

As I'm writing this article I can't help but reflect back on the summer of 1994 and how a gentleman by the name of McIvor enriched my life. It was at this time I got the opportunity to work with Bo at Nicklaus North and also became friends with him. That 6 months will last me a lifetime.

Bo's golf course construction career started in the mid 70's working for Trent Jones @ Kananaskis. It wasn't long after Kananaskis that Bo found himself working with Les Furber of Golf Design Services.

Bo proved to be an integral part of G.D.S. with his take charge, let's work hard, let's get it done attitude. If there was anyone you wanted to run a job site it was Bo.

British Columbia owes Bo a thank-you for helping construct such wonderful courses as Rivershore, Belfour, Trickle Creek, Gallagher's Canyon, Mayfair Lakes, Predator Ridge, Morningstar, Quail Ridge, The Bear at Okanagan G.C., Nicklaus North, Northlands, and even a course in Cuba. These products are a result of Bo's dedication, commitment, and relentless pursuit of perfection.

While finishing construction at Northlands Bo was told he had cancer and the prognosis wasn't good. But knowing Bo this didn't slow him down it was a small hurdle. Bo continued to work through the cemo treatments and help construct and finish the Bear Course, the 3rd 9 at Predator Ridge, and Sun Rivers in Kamloops.

Unfortunately Bo passed away January 2000 after his hard fought battle. I am sure I can speak on behalf of people such as Les Furber, Bob Kains, Larry Rice, Ashley LeGeyt, Bently Sly, Jeff Bennett, Terry Woodland, Dick Munn, Bill LeClaire, and everyone else who had the opportunity to meet and work with Bo enriched their lives as much as he enriched mine. I'm just thankful I got to spend as much time with him as I did, he was a great friend.

My best wishes go to his wife Donna, another great person. If there were two people who deserved each other it was Donna and Bo. My respects also go to Bo's family. We know Bo will be greatly missed, but lets remember what a great guy he was, especially his sense of humor.

Turf Line News April/May 2000

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